Sustainable adventure experts.

About us:

At Ascent Adventures we pride ourselves on making your visit to Nepal one that you will remember for a lifetime.

From short treks and white water rafting to summiting giant peaks we take care of everything from start to finish removing all stress and letting you fully enjoy our country. We only work with the best sherpas and guides, hand picking those with local knowledge who can add an extra dimension to your journey.

We also believe that communication is key and therefore put a big emphasis on all of our staff and guides speaking excellent English allowing for a much more engaging experience. Headquartered in Kathmandu but with a base in the UK we combine local knowledge with western logistics to provide an unrivalled service from start to finish.

How we started:

Ascent Adventures is a Nepali company with a strong western relationship. Co-founders Bigraj Tamang and Ed Jackson met in 2018 when Bigraj was guiding Ed and his wife in the Annapurna region.

Amazed by Bigraj’s knowledge, work ethic and skill, Ed suggested that he should think about setting up his own organisation that distinguished itself by the quality of service it provided. Ed was in Nepal supporting a charity and as he and Bigraj spent more time together they realised that they both shared the same altruistic attitude in wanting to help others. Bigraj has a wealth of experience and contacts in the mountains having run expeditions for decades but not the economic means to establish his own company.

This however was where Ed could help. So together they decided to establish a sustainable adventure company that would not only provide an unrivalled service but help to make a real difference in Nepal. Ascent Adventures was born.

How we help:

Despite being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Nepal is still one of the poorest.

The adventure tourism industry offers a lifeline to many Nepalis through work and access to the mountain villages however little support is given to aid projects with profits being absorbed by large and often foreign trekking companies.

Ascent Adventures Nepal donates 10% of all profits to aid projects in Nepal such as building schools and hospitals or improving access and transportation networks in the Himalayas. We will send you all of the information on exactly where your support is helping so you can see how your visit to the greatest mountain range in the world isn’t just benefiting you but many others as well. Who knows you may be able to go and see the difference you are making for yourself!